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How to Get Gum Out of Carpet?


Children equal messes.  Children also like gum, and as hard as we try, gum will make its way into all sorts of places – carpet included.  Gum is one of those things that gets progressively harder to remove the longer it sits, so taking care of gum sooner rather than later is paramount to keeping […]

How Often Should You Get Your House Power Washed?

pressure-washing-needs-Woodbridge VA

Pressure washing might be a confusing task – mainly if you don’t have any idea how often to pressure wash your house. It isn’t that challenging of a problem to resolve as you might believe, yet it depends on a couple of factors. Let us look at some of them. Quantity of Rainfall We typically […]

Tips For Prepping Your Home Before Carpet Cleaning

carpet-cleaning-ready-Woodbridge VA

Chances are you have already scheduled regular carpet cleanings with your friends at Imperial One Cleaning services.  Some, however, may not have done so.  If that is the case and you have your carpets cleaned for the first time, here is a primer on what you should do to make the work as easy as […]

What To Do Between Professional Tile Cleaning

tile and grout cleaning company Woodbridge VA

Everyone loves tile floors, and many more have tile showers in addition to the tile in the floors.  In fact, tile is very common in almost all areas of the home.  Durable, versatile and long lasting, tile is a wonderful choice for anyone who wants an extra special look in the home.  Tile is also […]

Carpet Odors – Prevent – Identify – Fix


Carpet odors are never fun.  That is why we at Imperial One Cleaning want you to learn the three steps of cleaning carpets.  Two of which will go a long way to helping us keep your carpet clean and in excellent shape.  You need to: Prevent; Identify; Let your friends at Imperial One Cleaning fix! […]

Keeping Your Vacuum Clean Between Professional Floor Cleanings

professional-floor-cleaning-woodbridge VA-

You like keeping the floors clean. You schedule a regular cleaning with your friends at Imperial One Cleaning so your carpets stay in excellent shape. Between your cleaning, you also vacuum your floors. Like any mechanical device, vacuum cleaners need regular cleaning and maintenance. Of course, to understand maintenance, you need to get an idea […]

Fire vs. Water Damage


Catastrophic damage to a home is something no one wants or ever thinks will happen, but the unfortunate truth is it can happen.  The two most common types of catastrophic damage are water and fire damage.  You may have some interesting questions about the two damage types.  There are certain levels of care that comes with each […]

Water Damage – Classification and Categories


We at Imperial One Cleaning Services have plenty of experience with water damage.  What many people do not know is that water damage has two elements: classification and category.  This blog is going to give you a quick rundown on both. If you have water damage at home, be sure to call us at Imperial […]

Cleaning Basics


There will come a time when you realize your carpets need cleaning and need it badly.  It could be a new home purchase, a prep for a sale or just because it needs to be done.  Regardless, Imperial Cleaning is there for you.  If you are new to professional carpet cleaning, here is what you, […]

Cleaning After the Tenants Move Out

cleaning services after tenant move out

Renters move in and out all of the time, so keeping your rental properties in good shape all the time is of the utmost importance.  Most understand the normal cleaning necessities of the bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and such.  What is missed, on the other hand, are the minor details that can actually make a big difference.  […]

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